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Investment Services

At the core of our business is our relationships with our investment partners. Whether small or large we make every effort to ensure that each partner‘s investment goals are met while service expectations are exceeded.

Each venture is based on sound research analysis, investment fundamentals and underwriting criteria. The bottom line is rather simple, all of our investments are secured by property, as our asset class is strictly real estate.

If you have the desire to invest in real estate, but do not have the time, resources, expertise or network to do so then join us. Springport Wealth Inc, the time is now.


Apartment Building Acquisitions 

By implementing a detailed due diligence checklist, we are able to invest alongside our partners and clients in cash flowing, equity appreciating multifamily apartment buildings.

An extremely effective long term wealth building strategy with a diminished risk profile, the passive income strategy will earn consistent returns throughout any fluctuations within the market, thereby growing our clients investment portfolio.

The administration, tenant relations and building maintenance of the properties are conducted with the services of a property management company for a truly hands off investment experience.


Residential Redevelopment

An investment with a short term maturity date, this strategy is active in nature. We execute aggressive marketing campaigns to locate and acquire properties at significant discounts off the current market rates.

This strategy helps to secure a solid return as profits are built into the purchase price, and we do not deviate from our investment formula. Drawing on almost 20 years of construction management experience, we administer strict project control through every stage until final completion.

The finished product is of the highest quality that a new family will proudly call home. In addition to adding tremendous value within the community, this approach offers the highest returns in the shortest period of time.


Property Wholesaling

As a community service, we assist clients in coming up with unique solutions to selling their home.

We work with like minded investment partners and affiliates in devising a win-win plan for all parties involved. We then pass the savings on, paying it forward.

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Brett Michaels has been a pleasure to work with on our project in Eighth Avenue Place. He has been efficient, resourceful, minimized costs and adhered to the schedule. He is a pleasant young man, will be a positive asset to any partnership and will ensure your goals are met.



Alex Wong

Executive Vice President - Office Leasing, Avison Young

Case Studies


3940 Rae St, Regina, SK

This apartment building was brought to us via our network of multi-family investors. We were able to structure favorable terms for our investment partners on this income generating asset situated in a prime location.

Purchase Price: $1,320,000
Expenses: $55,600
Income: $127,700


745 Aboyne Way, Calgary, AB

This property was acquired off-market via one of our direct to seller marketing campaigns. Since the property required extensive renovations, the seller was happy to sell the property to us as-is for a quick all cash closing.

Purchase Price: $235,000
Expenses: $22,500
Resale price: $318,000
Profit: $60,500

1607 46 St NW, Calgary, AB

This was another off-market property that was brought to us via our Facebook campaign. We negotiated a fair cash price, assisted the homeowner in purchasing a new residence and helped her move.

Purchase Price: $260,000
Expenses: $5,000
Resale Price: $304,500
Profit: $39,000