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Welcome to Springport Wealth Inc. We are a real estate investment and sales company with one mission – TO SERVE.

We specialize in connecting our clients with wealth building opportunities through real estate. We take a very personalized approach when working with our clients depending on their needs, goals and time frame. If you have the desire to invest in real estate but do not have the time, resources, expertise or network to do so then join us. The time is now.


About Springport Wealth


Springport Wealth Inc. was founded by Brett Michaels and Natasha Da Costa-Michaels, who draw on over 25 years of construction management, human resources and business development experience to personalize each project.

Brett Michaels, since receiving his Master Carpenter Designation, has worked his way through the ranks from Construction Site Supervisor, Project Manager to eventually running his own Design/Build General Contracting Company. He has parlayed this experience and expertise into a  successful practice, managing real estate investments and servicing clients as a licensed realtor. In addition to his real estate project management experience, he has also won 3 Canadian Kickboxing Championships. He utilizes that same discipline, patience, determination, integrity, forethought and structure to follow through with the commitments of Springport Wealth to it’s clients.

For Natasha Da Costa-Michaels, hard work and dedication are prerequisites for success. Accepting a full athletic scholarship to the University of South Carolina Aiken for her immense soccer talents, she majored in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice. She has since accepted positions in the field of recruitment, sales, account management and business development, helping clients develop their businesses in their own right.

Whether you are a seller, buyer or investor we offer an extensive range of solutions. We value and nurture our business relationships and believe firmly in the law of abundance.

Springport Wealth Inc, the time is now.

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I am a full time real estate agent with Remax in Calgary and have worked with many investors. Working with Brett Michaels and Natasha Da Costa of Springport Wealth was a great experience! Their open-minded and positive attitude was refreshing to say the least. They always did their homework and asked the hard questions. I would be confident investing with them as business partners on any project!


Mark Siever

Real Estate Agent, Mark Siever & Associates